„Today is tomorrow!“

This is how our science class began on the 13th of March 2019 for those of us in the Nursery Teaching Course „DERZ.18-A and B“. To unravel this mysterious phrase, we were given a worksheet with a number of tasks we had to complete precisely. All of us examined ten circular household objects and three round cakes, carefully measuring their circumference and diameter. After finding the averages of these calculations, we gathered our data together as a class, and were surprised to find that each of them came close to the number 3.14 otherwise known as Pi (∏)!

Once we realized that Pi shared it´s numerals with the date March 14th, we solved the puzzle of what the lesson would be about, and the fun began! We watched two videos that gave us the history and facts about Pi, which we transferred onto some posters made by us in groups and presented to the rest of the class.

After this, we learned 30 facts about Pi translated from English to German and read a funny story where the Pi symbol was substituted for words containing „Pi(e)“. At the end, we celebrated Pi´s special day musically by singing „ha∏(ppy) Birthday“, and enjoyed the three delicious cakes we measured earlier!

We are very thankful to Mrs. Poimann for the opportunity to experience such a diverse and interesting lesson on Pi!

Annalisa Falconer (DERZ.18-B)